12 Mar

Ransomed is the story of quarries: of reclaimed mines in the Canadian Rockies, and of the hunted, the displaced—the world’s refugees. In a small resettlement center called The Booth, English teacher Sarah works with an ensemble of characters from Syria, Iraq, Eritrea, Congo, Burundi, and South Sudan, all of whom have lived through terror, kidnapping, or torture. Their challenges don’t end when they arrive in Canada; they must now learn to navigate linguistic barriers, isolation, loneliness, extreme weather—and prejudice. When an explosion occurs at The Booth and a Syrian family carries the blame, Sarah recognizes in herself the same intolerance and hatred that she disdains in others. She travels on a pilgrimage to Israel, where she discovers in the Land and its feasts how to walk with people living in the aftermath of unspeakable horror. Through the simple acts of singing, painting, eating, and sharing stories, she learns that never again can indeed happen again, and that the way through crisis is not patriotic fervor but amor humanitatis, the love for humanity. 

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